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About NTRC

Established in 1982 as a non-profit organization, Northern Trails Riding Club provides a venue for riders to experience the feel of a show in a positive learning environment. NTRC runs 5 shows a year from May thru to September at the Didsbury Ag Society.

The club attracts riders from all disciplines such as English, Western, Trail, Reining, and Gymkhana, all ages and all levels as well as all breeds and ages of horses and ponies.


Our progressive category system allows riders to compete against other riders in their age group, but more importantly, within their own ability level which promotes safety, equality of competition, and fun!

NTRC Executives

Brandee Elliott - President
Janine Leroux - Vice President
Andrea Morrison - Treasurer
Cyane Byam- Secretary
Lark Hamilton- Sponsorship Coordinator 

NTRC Directors

Christine Martin - Director at Large
Meagan Saum - Marketing & Social Media 

2023 Member in Good Standing with the




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